Canada Immigration Laws and programs can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help in language you can understand.  Canada 's  immigration goal to to accept 300,000 new immigrants.  You can be one of them.


We will work with you to create your Canadian Immigration Plan based on our expertise in Canada's immigration laws and programs and your circumstances, your roadmap to success. Let us help you determine your best next steps on your path to Canada. 

The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps to get results to LIVE, WORK, STUDY, VISIT OR DO BUSINESS IN CANADA.


A message to you during covid 19


Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented times. The global COVID 19 / Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our families, businesses, communities, and very way of life. During this time, we wish you and your loved ones good health and want to update you on how the ImmigrantsCAN Canadian Immigration Legal Team is approaching the situation.

Our hearts go out to everyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We wish those who are sick complete recovery. We also applaud all frontline workers around the world. 

We are focused on the health and safety of our team, families and communities so we continue to isolate as is requested by the government of Canada.  We continue to support our existing and new clients through a variety of digital channels including video and telephone meetings while working from home. 

We continue to be your trusted resource, laser-focused on your success whether it is to live, work, study or do business in Canada even as we deal with this pandemic. While all our lives and businesses are in unnavigated terrain, ImmigrantsCAN was built to handle moments like this, and our commitment to your success is stronger than ever. Our company though founded with a digital DNA, at our core are values such as Honesty, Integrity, Service, Respect -- and our values are unwavering and continue to guide everything we do, especially important, during these difficult times.

As we navigate these unchartered territory, we are looking for new ways to support you as we are all in this together.  We are living our values by giving back to you in these difficult times and hope to do our part by delivering valuable information to you at no cost during this period of uncertainty. So we are offering our usually paid webinars entirely free until May 30th, 2020.  We are also hosting our Canadian Immigration Virtual Summit and hope to exceed the target of 50,000 customers attending digitally. Sign up to receive the invitations first. Our team members also provide support to our local communities by helping seniors connect digitally using our resources as well as tutoring them on its use.  We are also sharing our tools and teaching local business owners how to digitize their businesses to meet customer needs despite their doors being closed.

In closing, we thank you for your continued support and maintain our mission to support you and your loved ones on your immigration journey. 

Best Wishes,

Andrea Pierce, RCIC, MBA, PMP 

On behalf of the entire ImmigrantsCAN team


Travelling to Canada during the COVID 19 / Coronavirus Pan

You may have questions about travelling to Canada during the COVID 19 outbreak. Can I still live, work, study or do business in Canada? The good news is yes.  Canada is processing paperwork for everyone to live, work, study or do business in Canada during this time.  Do not delay starting the process. Anyone already approved to travel, and your travel is considered essential, you can enter Canada. There are some travel restrictions to stem the spread of the virus.

The Canadian government recently announced who can travel to Canada during this time.  Anyone who was approved before March 18th to work, study or live in Canada before the travel restrictions were announced can enter Canada.  Close family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents are also allowed to enter Canada. The March 27th press release states, “There are no air travel restrictions for foreign nationals who have already committed to working, studying or making Canada their home”. 

Travel by these individuals will be considered essential travel for land border restrictions. 

Who can still travel to Canada during the COVID 19 / Coronavirus pandemic?

1. Permanent Resident (PR) applicants who had been approved for permanent residence before March 18, 2020, but who had not yet travelled to Canada.

2. International Students who hold a valid study permit, or had been approved for a study permit, before March 18, 2020.

3. Visitors who are close family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

4. Seasonal agricultural workers, fish/seafood workers, caregivers and all other temporary foreign workers.

It is mandatory once you land in Canada to isolate. 

Find the full list of who can still travel to Canada during the COVID 19 crisis here

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