Live & Work in Canada

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Get started on your Canada Immigration journey.  Did you know Canada 's goal to to accept 300,000 new immigrants each year?  You can be one of them.

Study in Canada

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 Canada's educational institutions combines academic excellence, safety, open access and diversity.  All students can legally work in Canada and graduates can legally work and stay in Canada.  


Note: there is NO AGE LIMIT to study in Canada.  

Do Business in Canada


 Immigration Canada  is very welcoming to business visitors. Canada has several pathways for business people and their families to also become  permanent residents. Start your Canada immigration journey, we will handle your Canada Visa Application.



Canadian Citizenship Application Workshop (Ottawa)

Toronto, Ottawa, London, Windsor *Various cities TBD

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Canadian Citizenship Application Workshop (Ottawa)

Receive Step by Step guidance and instructions on filling out your Canadian Citizenship Application Form from Andrea Pierce, RCIC, MBA, PMP, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Did you know that a criminal sentence of more than six months makes non-citizens eligible for deportation? Reduce the risk of deportation to you and / or your family members by becoming a Canadian Citizen. This workshop is valued at $1000 and offered to you for $100 as a community service in collaboration with Roots and Culture Canada. Reserve your spot, BOOK NOW 

Toronto, Ottawa, London, Windsor *Various cities TBD