Did You Know?


  1. Canada educational institutions combines academic excellence, diversity, safety and open access to students  of all ages, race, religion, gender or nationality.
  2. All students can legally work in Canada  and when overseas students graduate, they are eligible to legally work and stay in Canada. 
  3. International students coming to Canada seeking to live permanently are generally accepted after graduation. International graduates are the type of skilled migrants that Canada wants to attract.   Learn more -Contact us 


Canadian Student Visa

International students value Canada for its high calibre, safe & affordable educational institutions

Canada ranked number one for its political stability, safe environment, strong job market, and its good education system according to  the U.S. News & World Report. 


With its high calibre, safe and affordable educational institutions, Canada is a premium destination for international students. Canada has seen the number of international students more than double since 2010.  

Many students who study in Canada are qualified to become permanent residents and  start on the path to citizenship.  Learn more -Contact us

Working Holiday

Working Vacation Program  for  ages 18-35. Fund your vacation with temporary work in Canada.

Fund your vacation  in Canada doing temporary work  (18-35 year olds only).  Contact us to see if you qualify

Young Professionals

Young professionals 18-35 years old seeking work experience and professional development in Canada.


Young professionals 18-35 year olds seeking valuable work experience that contributes to your professional development.  Contact us to see if you qualifys

International Co-op

International Coop, get valuable work experience in your field of study for 18-35 year olds

Gain work experience  in Canada related to your field of study (ages 18 - 35 only). Contact us to see if you qualify